Meet our 2017 Senior Fellows

KDP Political Fellowship
Meet our Senior Fellows

2017 Cohort

Claire Hersh
From Wichita

Initially, I was reluctant to fully commit to strategies outside of my comfort zone. I now feel comfortable, and I know that I possess the tools to be successful. I am no longer uneasy regarding any aspect of a campaign and feel equipped to do any job needed.


Nathan Clem
From Baldwin City

My favorite experience was the first session when we met everyone who would be teaching us throughout the year. It showed me that there are a lot of different directions a career in politics can take and that there are a lot of options out there.


Becky Osborn
From Wichita

The KDP Fellowship was exactly what I needed to move forward. I now have a much clearer sense of what I want to be doing, and I feel as though I am finally on my way. We learned from people who are actually involved in successful campaigns in Kansas. Everything we learned can be used in different arenas. It definitely expanded my perception of campaigning and advocacy.

We are currently accepting applications for our 2018 KDP Political Fellowship. Direct questions to or look for Kris Rogers, the Fellowship Director, at Washington Days, March 2 & 3.

Application deadline is March 15.

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