Kevin Yoder: Pay Back Your Donations



This afternoon, the Kansas Democratic Party sent out the following press release:

Kansas Democrats Demand Kevin Yoder Pay Back Donations to Constituents

October 7, 2016 – Last year, an ethics complaint was filed against Kevin Yoder for accepting more than $150,000 in questionable donations from the payday loan industry – which, in turn, bought Yoder’s support, sponsorship and proposal of numerous bills in Congress to protect payday loan companies from greater oversight and regulations.

Allied Progress, a nonprofit organization, wrote in its 2015 report: “The [payday lending] industry wields tremendous power not only over those it is able to ensnare with its risky financial products, but also over the levers of power in Washington.”

The payday loan industry has its hooks in Kevin Yoder – those donations persuaded the Congressman to act against the interests of his own constituents.

The Kansas Democratic Party holds Kevin Yoder responsible for his actions, and demands that he re-pay that $150,000 in questionable donations to his constituents in a charitable manner and invest in the community he was elected to represent.

The Party’s Executive Director Kerry Gooch, said: “It’s clear where Kevin Yoder’s interests lie – and it is not with the people he was elected to represent. This is a classic example of a bought-and-paid-for-politician. He can’t go back to change his dishonorable actions – but he needs to make amends to his constituents, do the right thing, and pay back those donations.”


Do you think Kevin Yoder should be held responsible? Sign our petition:

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