Adam Wilkerson
November 1, 2022


Wichita Eagle: “Kansas deserves better. […] Fortunately, you can get it by voting for Chris Mann on Nov. 8.”

Topeka, KS – Over the weekend, The Wichita Eagle Editorial Board announced its endorsement of former police officer and prosecutor Chris Mann over perennial candidate Kris Kobach in the race for Attorney General.

As The Wichita Eagle Editorial Board pointed out, the contrast between Chris Mann and Kris Kobach couldn’t be clearer: “Chris Mann knows how to put criminals behind bars and how to practice law in court” while Kris Kobach “is a politician who occasionally attempts to practice law, poorly.”

Read more about The Eagle’s endorsement of Chris Mann here, or find key quotes below:

  • “Mann’s goals for the attorney general’s office are what they should be — putting criminals behind bars, consumer protection, advising state agencies on legal matters and defending state laws when they’re challenged in court.”
  • “Humble, unassuming and competent, Mann’s the polar opposite of his opponent, Kris Kobach. […] Kobach has various degrees from Harvard, Oxford and Yale Law School. But despite that stellar education, he’s just not a very good lawyer. […] His litigation record on behalf of Kansas would be a joke, if he hadn’t cost the state millions of dollars along the way.”
  • “His endless, pointless, evidence-free crusades against voter fraud and illegal immigrants have gotten him on Fox News, but have never benefited Kansans in any measurable way. […] As secretary of state, he got the Legislature to give him extraordinary authority to investigate and prosecute election crimes. But his claims of hordes of illegal-alien voters ran into the wall of reality and he never caught even one.”
  • “Kobach wrote the SAFE Act, a draconian obstacle course to voting that required people to present their birth certificate to even register to vote. The direct result was at least 35,000 legitimate voters disenfranchised. […] When Kobach tried defending the law in court, not only did he lose, he got slapped with contempt of court and an order to take remedial classes on evidence and procedures. That would embarrass a first-year associate lawyer, but Kobach’s pretty much beyond shame. His go-to line every time he loses is ‘liberal judges.’”
  • “Also, he kept bad company, serving until recently as chief counsel for ‘We Build The Wall,’ a shady group of immigration Armageddonists run by political strategist Steve Bannon. Bannon and the organization are currently under indictment in New York on charges of fraud and money laundering, because money was diverted from wall-building to personal use.”