Jane Moore

October 19, 2021



Topeka, KS – Senator Roger Marshall spent the weekend spreading COVID-19 lies and misinformation in front of union leaders ranging from incorrect vaccination percentages to CDC conspiracies to claims the vaccines contain fetal tissue. Throughout the meeting, Marshall spread conspiracy theories and neglected to substantiate his claims with any facts. However, Marshall’s propaganda was shot down by Jeff Townsend, a business manager in the Sheet Metal Workers Union.

Townsend challenged Marshall’s misinformation with facts and questions that left the Senator “bristled,” according to The Wichita Eagle. Marshall unsurprisingly responded with additional lies and twisted truths, but Townsend’s challenges did not go unnoticed. 

Marshall was so unconvincing that Townsend said he’s looking forward to when he can get a booster shot.

Townsend specifically questioned Marshall on his incorrect vaccine estimates in the military and unions, and the Senator’s one-sided battle with the Center for Disease Control’s COVID-19 information.

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The Wichita Eagle: Wichita aircraft workers air vaccine grievances, conspiracy theories to Sen. Marshall (October 15, 2021)

… “There’s a lot of rah-rah and a lot of speculation, but I haven’t gathered many facts,” he told Marshall near the end of the meeting

He questioned the other union leaders’ estimates that about 30% of their members are against being vaccinated.

“The 30 percent’s been flung around enough, obviously a guess,” he said. “I wouldn’t begin to know what percentage of my membership is.”

He challenged Marshall directly over the senator’s ongoing battle with the Centers for Disease Control over counting people who have been previously infected with COVID, who gain some natural immunity, as equivalent to being vaccinated.

“You also said the CDC hasn’t opined on the natural immunity versus the [vaccination] boosters, and they have, on Aug. 6,” Townsend said. “And it is their opinion that it’s better to have the shot. Even after you’ve had COVID, you’re more immune with both of them in the CDC’s opinion.”

And he questioned Marshall’s assertion that 30% to 50% of military reservists are unvaccinated

“I wonder if you heard that from the same person that my son heard that half the people in the ICU were vaccinated, because that’s not a fact either,” he said.

After the meeting, Townsend said he’s only heard from five or six of his 200 members who are against vaccination.

He said he got vaccinated as soon as he could and looks forward to when he can get a booster shot. “I pretty much have underlying conditions, I’m old and fat and got COPD [chronic obstructive pulmonary disease],” he said.

As for side effects, “I did have a sore arm when they stuck a needle in it,” he said.