Colyer Again Refuses to Answer Questions from Everyday Kansans

May 15, 2018

Colyer Again Refuses to Answer Questions from Everyday Kansans

Topeka, KS – Gov. Jeff Colyer is again refusing to answer questions unless they have been approved by the Kansas Republican Party. Former Gov. Sam Brownback’s running mate and top donor-turned governor is the first gubernatorial candidate to decline KSNT’s invitation to participate in a televised July 26 non-partisan forum.

“Colyer, [Sec. of State Kris] Kobach and [Kansas Insurance Commissioner Ken] Selzer have promised the Kansas Republican Party they will not take part in debates that don’t meet the GOP’s guidelines for what questions can be asked.”

But Colyer’s refusal to answer questions doesn’t mean Kansans won’t keep asking:

Despite the disastrous budget cuts, revenue shortfalls, credit downgrades, and unpopularity of Brownback’s tax experiment, why do you still fully support the policy?

Why do you oppose expanding Medicaid to hundreds of thousands of low-income Kansans, especially since nearly seven in ten Kansans support doing so?

How can Kansans expect you to be any different than Brownback when you still insist on doubling down on his failed agenda?

Kansas Democrats are ready to end the catastrophic partisan politics of the last eight years and move our great state in a better direction. Because Kansans deserve better!

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