Brownback Clone Update: Colyer Can’t Name One Policy Difference With Brownback

Mar. 1, 2018

Brownback Clone Update: Colyer Can’t Name One Policy Difference With Brownback

Jeff Colyer: “I’m not interested in relitigating the past.”

Topeka, KS – In a recent interview with the National Journal, Gov. Jeff Colyer was asked to name a difference between him and his predecessor Sam Brownback. And unsurprisingly, he couldn’t name a single policy he disagreed with:

National Journal: Where can we expect to see some of the biggest differences and similarities between your administration and that of Sam Brownback?

COLYER: I’m just going to be who I am. And it’s not really a matter of comparison, but we are in a new day in Kansas. And the first thing that the staff is getting used to is surgeon hours rather than politician hours. We’re working very closely with the legislature. And the very first day after we were in, I met with the Republican leadership and the Democratic leadership. Some of them had not been in the office for a long, long time.

There’s not a signal substantive difference in that answer. Not one. And when asked if Brownback’s tax experiment hurt the state’s fiscal health, he ducked again:

National Journal: Do the tax cuts from the previous administration affect your ability to fund education? 

COLYER: There’s a lot of things that affect our ability on how much money we have. But the legislature put in a new tax policy a year ago over the veto of the governor. What has happened has happened. We’re now in an entirely different situation than we were a year ago—not only fiscally, but also the economy is looking different. I’m focusing on where we are going. I’m not interested in relitigating the past. 

Not interested in litigating the past? Maybe that’s because Colyer and Brownback were responsible for the worst fiscal crisis in the state’s history.

“Jeff Colyer showed Kansans, once again, that he’s nothing more than a Brownback Clone,” said KDP Executive Director Ethan Corson. “If Colyer can’t even point to one policy he disagrees with Brownback on, how can Kansas voters trust him to responsibly lead the state?”

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