ICYMI: KC Star Ed Board Slams Colyer’s Speech

Feb. 9, 2018

ICYMI: KC Star Ed Board Slams Colyer’s Speech

KC Star: ‘Colyer laid out an illogical and unworkable path forward’

Topeka, KS – In case you missed it, the Kansas City Star Editorial Board ripped Gov. Jeff Colyer’s first major policy speech, calling it a “fantastical fairy tale.” Just like Brownback, Colyer made countless promises without understanding the fiscal realities Kansas faces.

The editorial board’s criticism was sharp:

“To say that Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer’s first substantive speech to the Legislature was a bust would be going too far. But not by much.

“…Colyer laid out an illogical and unworkable path forward. In his first serious policy address, he proposed settling the state’s school funding issue once and for all, boosting support for highways and spending more to safeguard Kansas’ most vulnerable kids — apparently without raising taxes…

“…But ultimately, Colyer’s proposition that Kansas can advance without the money to do so amounts to a fantastical fairy tale. Once again, lawmakers will have to seize the day and do the hard work.”

Read the entire editorial HERE.

“Jeff Colyer’s ‘fantastical fairy tale’ is exactly what you would expect from a Brownback clone,” said KDP Executive Director Ethan Corson. Once again, Colyer failed to tell Kansans how he can move the state beyond the disastrous Brownback years. Instead, Colyer peddled the same phony math that got the state into this mess in the first place.”

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