Brownback Clone – the First Full Day

Feb. 1, 2018

Brownback Clone – the First Full Day

Colyer Promises New Tone, But Refuses to Name A Single Policy Difference With Brownback

Topeka, KS – Yesterday, Kansas Governor Jeff Colyer had an opportunity to tell Kansans how he would be different from his failed predecessor Sam Brownback. But instead of assuring them that he wouldn’t follow the same disastrous policies he helped enact under Brownback, he spent his entire address talking about “tone.”

Just look at the coverage:

“Again and again he has promised a new tone while offering few specifics.”Kansas City Star

“He’s said he wants to strike a more cooperative tone, but his political views track closely with Brownback’s.” – KCUR

“He has given little indication so far about how much of an independent course he plans to take as governor.” Lawrence Journal-World

This is bad news for Kansas. The Brownback-Colyer agenda decimated the state’s economy over the last seven years. And now that he’s governor, Colyer can’t promise a change of course.

“Jeff Colyer is already confirming Kansans’ worst fears: that he’s nothing more than a Brownback clone,” said KDP Executive Director Ethan Corson. “Colyer may have promised a new tone in Topeka, but a new tone can’t keep schools open, rebuild our roads, or jumpstart our economy. On policy, Jeff Colyer and Sam Brownback are one and the same.”

For more information about Governor Colyer’s support for the failed Brownback agenda, visit

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