Home Sweet Home: Orman Kicks Off Campaign in D.C.

Jan. 25, 2018

Home Sweet Home: Orman Kicks Off Campaign in D.C.

Ducks Question on Brownback Inspired Federal Tax Law

Topeka, KS – Yesterday, Greg Orman launched his gubernatorial campaign surrounded by the people he loves most: D.C. pundits and coastal donors. For some reason, Orman decided the best place to make his opening pitch to Kansas was in the Meet the Press Daily studio in Washington D.C.

Orman took heat in the past for owning multi-million dollar properties outside of Kansas. His choice to launch his campaign on the east coast only reinforces perceptions that he’s an out-of-touch millionaire.

But the location wasn’t the only puzzling thing about the interview. Orman’s position on tax policy was all over the place. He claimed he was against the Brownback tax plan, but when Chuck Todd asked him the same question about the federal tax law inspired by Brownback’s, he completely ducked.

Chuck Todd: From what you know about this new federal tax law, good for Kansas or bad for Kansas?

Greg Orman: Well I think it’s good for some people and it’s bad for others.

Orman even admitted later in the interview that Trump’s plan borrows heavily from Brownback’s failed agenda, but still couldn’t bring himself to oppose it. Not a great start.

“Right off the bat, Greg Orman showed Kansas voters just how out-of-touch he really is,” said Kansas Democratic Party Chair John Gibson. “Instead of giving straight answers to people right here in Kansas, Orman fled to D.C. If Greg Orman is too afraid to face Kansas voters, he’s definitely not cut out to be governor.”

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