Editorial Roundup: Colyer Endorsed the Brownback Agenda

Jan. 31, 2018

Editorial Roundup: Colyer Endorsed the Brownback Agenda

KC Star Ed Board: “Colyer served almost two, four-year terms without a single public disagreement with his mentor”

As Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer prepares to replace Gov. Sam Brownback, editorial boards around the state are already questioning whether he will actually be any different. They note that Colyer stood by every one of Brownback’s policy initiatives and has also failed to indicate how he would govern differently. So while Colyer might ask for a clean slate, many are skeptical.

Just look at the coverage from this weekend:

Kansas City Star Editorial Board: What kind of governor will Jeff Colyer be for Kansas?

Make no mistake: Colyer is in a heckuva fix. As lieutenant governor, Colyer served almost two, four-year terms without a single public disagreement with his mentor. Did anyone hear the lieutenant governor raise one word of objection as Brownback signed those budget-busting tax cuts of 2012 and 2013? Did Colyer raise a word in protest as basic state services slid into disrepair? So Colyer owns the state he’s inherited, and what a mess it’s in.

Topeka Capital-Journal Editorial Board: Following Brownback slippery endeavor for Colyer

As lieutenant governor, Colyer also endorsed the Brownback’s economic blueprint, even as the governor’s popularity declined at alarming rates.

Wichita Eagle Editorial Board: Jeff Colyer’s seven-month tryout as governor full of challenges

Will he be a Brownback clone, sticking to the soon-to-be former governor’s policies?…Colyer has revealed little about how he’ll differ from Brownback, only that he promises energy and an effort to listen to Kansans.

Lawrence Journal-World: The big question for Colyer: Can he shed Brownback’s baggage?

Colyer has given few interviews to reporters since the U.S. Senate confirmed Brownback for the diplomatic post, and even in those, he has offered few specifics about what, if any, changes he wants to make from the policies of his predecessor. His office did not respond to a request for an interview by the Journal-World.

“Jeff Colyer has given us every reason to believe he’s going to be a Brownback clone,” said KDP Executive Director Ethan Corson said. “Colyer loyally supported the Brownback agenda, and has failed to tell Kansans what he would do differently. Kansas can’t afford another Brownback, but that’s exactly what they’re getting.”


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