Statement: Kansas Democrats make waves in 2017 General Election

Nov. 8, 2017

Statement: Kansas Democrats make waves in 2017 General Election

Topeka, KS – Last night’s election results brought good news for Kansas.

Hundreds of Democrats were elected to city councils and water districts and school boards and other local offices. These are non-partisan elections, and the decisions the election winners will make in office won’t (and shouldn’t) be about partisan gain, but rather about serving their communities. Serving our communities is a core value of the Democratic Party, so I am rightfully excited and proud of the work done to give our friends and fellow Democrats a chance to serve in local elected office.

We are still tallying all the results, and some races are so close that we will have to wait for provisional ballots to be counted before we know the outcome, but it is safe to say that yesterday we elected more Kansas Democrats than ever before in a single election.

Our Vice Chair, Vicki Hiatt deserves our thanks and much of the credit for these victories. Vicki led the first statewide recruitment effort for local candidates anyone in the Party can remember. Then Vicki helped train candidates so they knew how to run for office. Vicki’s work has made a difference for this state we love.

Our county party leaders deserve our thanks for their hardwork and leadership. Serving as a county party leader is a difficult, and often thankless job. Those leaders are the unsung heroes of the Democratic Party who make victories like last night possible.

Record numbers of Democratic volunteers put in more hours than ever before for local elections in Kansas. Our Young Democrats chapters organized like never before. Our local activists knocked and phone banked like I’ve never seen. They’re the reason we won so many races. Thank you.

Thank you to the KDP staff, who put in so many hours researching races, answering questions, and training candidates and volunteers. Local elections had not been on our radar before, and November local elections were an entirely new thing in Kansas, but your efforts to find a new path brought us victories.

Of course, the biggest thank you has to go to our candidates. Hundreds of Democrats courageously put their name on a ballot. They knocked doors, fundraised, and phone called, just to win an election so they would get a chance to serve their communities. Whether those patriots won or lost their individual elections, they made all our victories possible.

Now it is time for those who won election to serve, and I am confident in the fine people we elected.

Now is also time to continue preparing for Election Day in 2018. Our work continues.


– John Gibson, Kansas Democratic Party Chairman





John Gibson, Chairman, 785-224-1815,

Ethan Corson, Executive Director, 785-414-9215, 

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