GOP Tax Scam Hurts Kansas Families

Nov. 21, 2017

GOP Tax Scam Hurts Kansas Families

In response to the Kansas House delegation voting with the rest of House Republicans to pass the GOP tax plan, the Kansas Democratic Party released the following statement:

Topeka, KS – Rep. Yoder and his House Republican colleagues voted last week to increase taxes on Kansas’ middle-class families – and provide massive giveaways to billionaires and wealthy corporations. No matter what they’ve said before about helping all Americans, House Republicans like Rep. Yoder are throwing working Kansans under the bus by supporting a tax plan that makes drastic cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, education, and other programs Kansans rely on every day, just to pay for permanent tax cuts for the wealthiest and corporations. Democrats know that our elected officials are supposed to serve the people they represent. That’s why we will continue fighting for the economic security and opportunity that every family deserves.

By the Numbers:

  • The House Republican tax scam hurts teachers in Kansas by repealing a tax credit for teachers who buy their own school supplies.
  • College students in Kansas will also be hurt as result of the House tax which scam makes student loans more expensive. Nearly 129,000 graduates in Kansas take advantage of the student loan interest deduction, which saves students about $1,000 on average, that House Republicans now want to eliminate.
  • Kansas seniors will find it harder to save for retirement or cover their medical bills. In fact, the House GOP tax scam would take away all Kansans’ ability to deduct their medical expenses. More than 83,700 residents deducted their medical expenses in 2014, saving $11,367 on average.
  • The House Republican tax bill could also force $25 billion in automatic cuts to Medicare next year. More than 487,000 Kansans who rely on Medicare could be at risk.
  • Workers in Kansas would be hurt by the corporate tax giveaway. The Republican tax plan incentivizes large companies to move jobs overseas by giving them a 0 percent rate on most foreign profits. While big corporations take advantage of this loophole, small businesses on Main Street will find it harder to compete.
  • The GOP tax bill threatens to take the state and local tax deduction (SALT) away from tens of millions of households nationwide. The deduction ensures that Americans are not taxed twice on the same income. In Kansas, 280,000 residents would no longer be able to use the state and local deduction to save hard-earned money on their federal tax returns under the House tax bill.
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