Court Rules Education Funding Insufficient Again, It’s Colyer’s Problem Now

Oct. 3, 2017

Court Rules Education Funding Insufficient Again, It’s Colyer’s Problem Now

Brownback Clone Has No Plan to Fix School Funding

Topeka, KS –

Yesterday, the Kansas Supreme Court ruled, once again, that the state’s education funding formula is inadequate and must be rewritten:

In a case with potentially hundreds of millions of tax dollars at stake, the Kansas Supreme Court has ruled that the Legislature’s latest efforts to provide adequate and fair funding for schools still falls short.

The decision that the current system is unconstitutional will send the issue back to the Legislature with orders to add more funding to school district budgets statewide next year.

But with Gov. Sam Brownback preparing to flee Kansas for a cushy post in the Trump administration, the problem now falls to his replacement Jeff Colyer. Unfortunately for Kansas’ students and educators, it is doubtful Colyer will offer anything new. Colyer, who is“as committed to Brownback’s budget theories as the governor himself,” was a cheerleader for the administrations’ first block-grant proposal that got rejected by the court.

And judging by their reactions to the ruling, Colyer and Brownback have no plan to fix the problem:

Neither Brownback nor Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer, who is expected to take Brownback’s place as governor before the next legislative session, issued any substantive comments on the ruling.

 Here we go again.

“Just like Brownback, Jeff Colyer has no plan to give Kansas schools the funding they need,” said KDP Executive Director Ethan Corson. “Colyer was a strong supporter of his administration’s education cuts and Kansas students suffered. Kansas deserves a governor with a vision to move on from Governor Brownback’s crisis, not someone like Jeff Colyer who will repeat it.”

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