An Open Letter to Kris Kobach

Sept. 14, 2016

An Open Letter to Kris Kobach

Mr. Kobach,

The most recent ruling on one of several court cases that you’re involved in has prompted further questions. It is important that Kansas voters know where they stand after your repeated attempts to strip voting privileges. Because you have created such confusion surrounding our state’s voting laws – less than two months before Election Day – we think it is time that you provide some clarity for Kansas voters.

Answers to the following questions would be most helpful:

  • The court has struck down yet another of your voter suppression policies. However, further action in the case may not occur until after November 8th. What will you do with the thousands of federal form registrants who intend to vote in the upcoming election? What have you done to help the thousands of disenfranchised state and federal form registrants who have been purged from the voter roles if they could not submit their proof of citizenship within the 90 day time frame?
  • Will they be forced to vote by provisional ballot? If so, will you toss them, as you’ve indicated before? Will you only count their federal votes, or state and local election votes as well? If you disregard their votes for state and local elections, how will you explain this to those voters? How can we be sure that any of the provisional ballots will be counted?
  • How are you tracking federal form applications versus state form applications? How is this being done at the county level?
  • What “notifications” have you sent out to update voters on the ongoing cases and voter registration laws? Do these notices come from your office, or county offices? How many notifications have you sent, and in what form?
  • With only two prosecutions of “voter fraud,” why do you continue to implement policies that are disenfranchising thousands of Kansas citizens?

We hope that for the sake of Kansas voters and the integrity of our state and local elections, you will provide these answers.

Thank you,

The Kansas Democratic Party

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