The Kansas Democratic Caucus - Historical Information

TOPEKA – Dakota Loomis, KDP Communications Director, issued a statement regarding the 2012 Kansas Democratic Presidential Preference Caucus and past caucuses:

This Saturday, the Kansas Democratic Party will host its third Presidential Preference Caucus with registration beginning at 1 pm and caucus meetings starting at 2 pm. The KDP is looking forward to this Saturday’s caucus and is encouraged by interest levels across the state. While it is almost certain that Barack Obama will be our party’s nominee, the Kansas Democratic Caucus offers Kansas Democrats an opportunity to grow our grassroots network, show our support for President Obama, and talk about what matters to Kansas Democrats - fighting to restore funding to education, getting people back to work, and making sure everyone has a fair shot to succeed in Kansas.

While this is only our third caucus, the KDP's two previous caucuses, in 2004 and 2008, provide stark contrasts in turnout, enthusiasm, and importance.

In 2004, Kansas Democrats held their first statewide presidential caucus on March 13. Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry, having already secured the nomination, cruised to victory in a lightly attended caucus. Roughly 2,000 Kansas Democrats pledged their support to five separate Democratic candidates, with John Kerry securing support from over 72% of caucus goers.

In contrast, Kansas witnessed a historic turnout on Super Tuesday, February 5, 2008, when Kansas Democrats braved snow storms and freezing temperatures to caucus. Motivated by the highly competitive contest between then-Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, over 37,000 Kansas Democrats turned out to support their preferred candidate. Senator Obama handily defeated Senator Clinton, garnering support from 74% of all caucus attendees on his way to securing the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.

Additional information regarding the 2012 Kansas Democratic Presidential Preference Caucus can be found here at the KDP website.

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